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Speak up and
make a difference!

Help protect yourself, a loved one or friend from
the dangers of secondhand smoke in the workplace.

How to advocate for
a smoke-free workplace

Our government officials, elected by us, should represent our interests. So we need to let them know our concerns. When more of us reach out to these officials and let them know how we feel about a topic — like ensuring a safe workplace with healthy air — our voices are more likely to be heard. Here are a few ways to reach out. 

1. Provide Public Comment

An effective way to have your concerns heard is to provide public comment at a public government event, like a Reno City Council meeting or Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting. The video below walks you through how to provide effective public comment about ensuring safe workplace air. 

2. Reach out to government officials

You can reach government officials directly by phone or email. Contact Information is publicly listed on the below-linked websites.