Three years after going smoke-free, Ho Chunk Casino announced a major expansion.

Our community’s health comes first.

It's not fair when you're trying to make a living for you family, to support your family that they're killing you while you're doing it.

–Cynthia, Las Vegas casino dealer who has chronic bronchitis and asthma due to second-hand smoke exposure. READ MORE

Top 5 reasons to make Truckee Meadows casinos, bars & strip clubs smoke and vape-free

Secondhand smoke causes illness and death.

Tobacco smoke inhaled by nonsmokers (those who have never smoked) can cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and asthma attacks.  It leads to an estimated 49,000 annual deaths. LEARN MORE

Ventilation systems do not protect people from secondhand smoke.

After four hours of exposure to secondhand smoke in a casino with a “sophisticated” ventilation system, nonsmokers had 456% of the average level of nicotine in their bodies. LEARN MORE

Smoke-free casinos can thrive.

Casinos and bars in states with smoke-free laws have continued to grow their revenue, successfully competing in regional markets against both smoke-free and smoking venues. Since COVID-19, more than 175 venues have reopened with NEW smoke free indoor air policies. There are now nearly 1,000 smoke free casinos and gambling venues in the U.S. LEARN MORE

Truckee Meadows residents want smoke-free air where they work and play.

Community assessment surveys of Washoe County residents and business representatives show majority support for eliminating smoking in casinos and bars, and most believe employees deserve to breathe smoke-free air, too. LEARN MORE

Smoke-free workplace policies reduce employer costs.

In Washoe County, having 100% smoke-free workplaces would save an estimated $49 million a year in health care costs. LEARN MORE