Stand up for smoke-free

I thought it was ludicrous that everywhere else that was public had to be smoke-free, except the casinos. Which told me the casinos did not value the lives of their workers. You're killing these people little by little. It's poison.

–ALECIA, non-smoking Nevada casino worker who died from long-term second-hand smoke exposure in 2015. MORE STORIES

Sign our petition to show your support for this initiative. Your support will help convince your community and local elected officials that the majority of the Truckee Meadows is behind this movement.

Let local lawmakers know that you value and patronize businesses and spaces that are smoke-free. We’ve made it easy to make your voice heard.

Has secondhand smoke/vapor impacted your life?

If you’ve been personally affected by exposure to secondhand smoke, or someone you care about has, we want to hear your story.

We’ll share it with others to help our effort to protect everyone in the Truckee Meadows from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

With a donation of $5  or more, we’ll send you a window cling or bumper sticker to display. Your contribution will help with Smoke Free Truckee Meadows outreach and efforts to make smoke-free workplaces the law — without exception.