Frequently Asked Questions


1Maryland and Ohio casinos – Smokefree indoors and setting revenue records, April 2018,

Isn't smoking already banned in workplaces?

While the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act ensures smoke-free air in many workplaces, smoking is still permitted in gaming areas of casinos, in strip clubs and in age-restricted stand-alone bars. These aren’t just social hangouts; they are where nearly 40,000 Nevadans earn a living. We believe their health should not be jeopardized simply because they are at work.

Do local governments have the authority to pass stricter laws than those established by the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act?

Yes, the NCIAA expressly allows for local ordinances and policies to be enacted when it comes to clean air laws.

What about vaping?

Vaping is smoking. Anywhere that cigarette smoking is not allowed, vaping is not allowed (as of January 1, 2020). The law includes all forms of smoking.

What about COVID-19 and secondhand smoke?

Among other things, smoking increases risk for developing respiratory infections and a weakened immune system. People exposed to secondhand smoke/vapor are at increased risk, too. As COVID-19 continues to impact our community, we all must take extra precautions. Avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke is an important way to protect your health. Read more about COVID-19 and smoking here.

Is this impacting the right of people to smoke?

No. The proposed law is designed to protect people from secondhand smoke exposure by not allowing tobacco and vape smoking in any workplace.  

Who is behind these efforts?

These efforts are locally based. Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition is leading the Smoke Free Truckee Meadows effort and has received funding from Renown Health and the Washoe County Health District in support of this work. Many area organizations also support this effort — their logos can be found at the bottom of this page. Read More

Do bars and casinos want to go smoke free?

While some businesses do not support this change, many bars in the Truckee Meadows have voluntarily gone smoke-free. We have been told that casinos would like to go smoke-free, but laws are needed so that smoke-free applies equally to every business in the Truckee Meadows.

Won't getting rid of smoking impact revenue for casinos, bars, and strip clubs?

In other cities around the country that have enacted smoke-free laws, some casinos experienced a short-term decrease in revenue, followed by a return to previous revenue levels or, in many cases, an increase in revenue. It is very challenging to predict exactly how the Truckee Meadows will respond, but in Ohio and Maryland, following smoking bans, casinos have set revenue records. Read more

If casinos lose revenue, will the local economies be impacted?

Our business community now is much more diverse and less reliant on gaming employment to drive our economy. In 2017, 7.6% of Washoe County employment was in gaming, compared with 15% in 2001. Research shows that some locations have experienced a short-term economic downturn after going smoke-free. Others showed no significant impact. Longer term trends are harder to predict. Some states with 100% smoke-free gaming are reporting record revenue and successfully competing in multi-state regional markets against both smoke-free and smoking venues.1

Don't the air filters remove most of the harmful smoke from the air?

No. In fact, ventilation and air filtration systems do not work to remove secondhand smoke from the air. It is well documented and The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers says 100% smoke-free environments are the only way to protect employees and the public from secondhand smoke exposure.