COVID-19 and Smoking

Research is underway. Here are links to a few recently released studies and articles about them.

PG/VG in ecigs tied to lung damage in well-done experiment | UCSF

Common vaping ingredients like propylene glycol and glycerin (and metal particles) mess with the protective fat lining in your lungs. Without it, invaders (viruses) and toxins can reach your air sacs and cause serious infections.

Exposure to Electronic Cigarettes Impairs Pulmonary Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Defenses in a Mouse Model | US National Library of Medicine

Vaping decreases the body’s ability to fight off infections such as the flu, a leading cause of pneumonia.

Tobacco smoking increases lung entry points for COVID-19 virus | Baylor College of Medicine

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, the University of South Carolina and other institutions have identified tobacco smoking as a potential risk factor for infection of the COVID-19 virus.

In conclusion, although further research is warranted as the weight of the evidence increases, with the limited available data, and although the above results are unadjusted for other factors that may impact disease progression, smoking is most likely associated with the negative progression and adverse outcomes of COVID-19.